Recognize improves your

ROI from events
customer engagement
guests’ experience
metrics and KPIs


RCGNZ is the perfect solution for event planners and brands to plan and manage PR-driven events. Whether it’s brand reach or customer engagement, investor relations or employee’s loyalty, it all comes down to personal attention. Let RCGNZ personalize the experience for your attendees.

Event Planners? Venues? Photographers? Partner with us

of event photos archived unused

(According to a survey among 100 leading event planners and profs)

RCGNZ amplifies the impact of corporate and social events by turning event photos into indispensable
value-adding assets

Auto match attendees names with photos in real time
Share personalized photo albums with guests right after the event
Free your photographers hands to do what they are best at

Most event planning apps are
too pricy, over complicated and
are focusing on the wrong metrics

(when it comes to non-ticketed events)

RCGNZ is an affordable app for everything you need

Manage guests with invitations, rsvp, check-in, and more
Communicate with your team and stay on top of their performance
Set event notifications and be informed in real time
Automate manual processes

Most marketing pros switch to
trusted media as a main
social media tool

(Harvard business school)

Use event photos and insights as marketing tools

Turn your guests into your brand
trusted micro influencers
Expand brand’s reach organically
Improve social media performance (*)
(*RCGNZ utilizes ai technologies to optimize data)

“Measure what matters”

– John Doerr

A picture is worth a thousand words

Extract data and meaningful insights in and outside your event
Listen and better know your audience
Improve business decisions
Plan and meet your KPIs


Pay only for what you need
RCGNZ is an affordable yet advanced app; simple yet integrative. Event planners can either use it simply for event’s logistics or take advantage of RCGNZ’s innovative tools.
Turn lost resource into an asset
Event photos and videos that would usually be stored after the event unused in the sponsor’s cloud, are being collected along with other data. RCGNZ optimizes it and create tools to amplify the impact of the day after.
Improve business decisions
RCNGZ extracts useful insights from the event’s data, especially from photos. It allows a unique angle to stakeholders to support business decisions and improve future events.
RCGNZ’s empowers event planners to focus on the metrics that matter most for PR-driven events.
Streamline touchpoints
RCGNZ’s unique guest-oriented approach keeps the team on track to maximize guest experience.
Set goals and measure in real time
RCGNZ’s notification wizard helps event planners and their clients stay on top of their team performance, measure KPIs and to “fix while in motion”.



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